The Domino Effect
is available for purchase! If you have already read it, the sequel, Aftershock, is also available. If you have already read that, Clegg thanks you for your incredible support! He is also excited to announce that Born to Death, the third and final installment of the trilogy, was recently released and is now available to buy!


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The Domino Effect Synopsis:

The Domino Effect delves into the less-than-favorable side of celebrity when Hollywood heartthrob Chase Landers feels his life plummet the moment he receives the call. He is informed that his (A-list) girlfriend must give birth to their first baby dangerously prematurely, due to complications. Once their baby is delivered, they feel like the worst is behind them. They can breathe again—or so they think. Shortly thereafter, they’re awakened to any parents’ worst nightmare when the doctor conveys inconceivable news, which inevitably takes on a life of its own. What they’ve learned could ultimately threaten Hollywood like never before. This shocking new development triggers a slew of tragic events—none of which, unfortunately, pales in comparison to that initial shock. Now Hollywood’s most adored couple has nowhere to hide as their lives come totally unraveled.

Read the first three chapters and decide for yourself. You can even read some of the early reviews.