These are a few of Clegg's newer mainstream (original) lyrics, having the likes of a Morgan Wallen in mind when writing Just a Waste, and Luke Combs when writing The Better Half of Me, almost like a follow-up to She Got the Best of Me.

Here are some more samples of Clegg's original lyrics. He's very interested to hear suggestions regarding possible collaborations with songwriters.  He has always been told he has a way with words, just not composing music to go with those words, unfortunately.

This next lyric is actually a riddle he had written in honor of his then girlfriend (now wife). After reading it, you should be able to figure out her name.


Thanks for taking the time to read some more samples of Chad's work! If you want to inquire about any sort of collaboration, or you would just like to comment on his writing as a whole, please contact him; he'd love to hear from you!